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AIIMS Patna has its own Pharmacy with aim to provide standard medicine and surgical items at cheapest rate to the patients. There is one central pharmacy to procure the items and distribute to other peripheral pharmacies. There are four peripheral pharmacies named First Floor Unit Pharmacy, Fifth Floor Unit Pharmacy, Trauma and Emergency Pharmacy and EHS Pharmacy. Pharmacies are run by professional pharmacists.

Central Pharmacy (located at basement of C Block)
First Floor Unit Pharmacy (located at 1st floor of IPD)
Fifth Floor Unit Pharmacy (located at 5th floor of IPD)
Trauma and Emergency Unit Pharmacy (located at 1st floor of T&E)
EHS Pharmacy (located at basement of PMR building)

The Pharmacy is responsible for giving requirement, receipts, storage, distribution and dispensing of drugs to peripheral pharmacy, and controlling all the units of Pharmacy.