Trauma Service


AIIMS Patna provides round the clock Trauma and Emergency services for sick patients. Trauma and Emergency has three areas(Red, Yellow and Green) for triaging patients according to their severity of illness


A Triage Area consisting of Red, Yellow & Green zones was designated by the department for different categories of in-coming patients, which helped in reducing the confusion amongst them, total 5,115 patients were attended in the Trauma and Emergency department during this period. Simultaneously, 11,848 patients received medical services in the 'Flu Clinic' area of the department of Trauma and Emergency.


During COVID 19 pandemic the department of Trauma and Emergencies was providing dedicated services to COVID patients and hence Dr. Anil Kumar, Dr. Arun Prasad, Dr. K.K Sharma were performing COVID duty. Dr. Anurag was looking after the Follow-up Clinic and Doctors Amarjeet Kumar & Neeraj Kumar were providing their services in the ‘Pain Clinic’.

OT Services:

Although four OTs are designated for Trauma & Emergency services, OT numbers 1, 2 & 3 largely remained non-functional due to COVID Pandemic, except OT number 4, which was used for EHS Emergencies and total 105 cases including elective cases were operated.

ICU & HDU Services:

The department has 28 ICU and HDU beds that were used for COVID-infected patients, COVID-suspected patients, and normal patients, including OBG and neonatal newborns. In total, 470 people used this service.


IPD Services: A total of 40 beds in the Trauma Center and 30 beds in the Emergency Center are operational. Six beds in each block are equipped with a monitor out of the total of 70 beds. COVID patients were admitted to the hospital in this location.

The overall number of patients admitted to T1 (First Floor IPD) was 579, which included COVID infected, COVID suspected, and normal patients; the total number of patients admitted to T2 (2nd Floor IPD) was 604, which included OBG patients and Neonatal babies.


Dr. Anil Kumar is Deputy Medical Superintendent, Faculty in Charge of Boy's Hostels (8 Hostels) at AIIMS Patna currently. He is member of multiple committees such as, technical specification, technical evaluation, and tender opening committee, he also serves on the selection committee for various recruitment processes of SR, JR, and Nursing. He is also nominated for a position on the AIIMS Bibinagar Faculty Selection Committee. Additionally, he organised and took an active role in Swakshta Pakwada. He has been appointed as an expert to the country's Medical Reform Commission, following the covid outbreak. He is instrumental in increasing the awareness of COVID to over 12,000 patients using YouTube videos, Facebook, and WhatsApp messenger app.

Dr. Arun Prasad is a liaison officer for the Reservation Cell at AIIMS Patna. He has also served on the selection committee for recruitment processes of SR, JR, and Nursing.

Dr. Amarjeet Kumar, as a member of the institutional OT committee, assisted in the establishment of 20 new modular operating theatres in AIIMS, Patna, each with a functional preoperative area and postoperative care unit. He provided anaesthesia services to paediatric patients in The Lifeline Express, organised by Impact India Foundation. Dr. Amarjeet is Faculty ‘Critical Care management’ in Centre of excellence for clinical management of COVID-19, AIIMS, Patna, aimed to provide expertise to ‘health care professionals’ in this state. He actively participated in raising awareness about the benefits of COVAXIN vaccination among school teachers, both in the city and on the outskirts. He Contribution to 'An Event-Driven, Phase-3, Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Multicenter Study.' He is also a Workshop Instructor for hands-on training of the institute's residents and nurses, topic : ‘Critical Care and Ventilatory Management of COVID-19 Patients’. He is a Faculty in onsite workshop on ‘PAIN MANAGEMENT’ organised by the International Association of Palliative Care Conference 2021.

Community services/Outreach programs:

Dr. Anil Kumar served as the Clinical Coordinator for community outreach. Participated in the month-long national campaign for road safety ( 17th January 2021 to 16th February 2021). Trained a large number of ordinary citizens to seek their assistance in the COVID Pandemic. He created numerous educational videos to raise awareness of COVID 19, and to help stop its spread. He established community care for COVID in district Siwan of Bihar, and assisted a large number of individuals in obtaining treatment at the community level.

Teaching and Training:

Dr. Anil Kumar while working as a course coordinator for a pre-hospital care training programme for the general public, has trained over 700 people through various training programmes such as ‘Telemedicine operator training’ for telemedicine services, ‘Sharvan Kumar Yojna Training Program’ for the Care of Senior Citizens, School-aged Children, and Patna's Auto Drivers. Total 24 number of online training sessions were conducted by him.

Dr. Arun Prasad and Dr. Anil Kumar organised 27 CPR training sessions for Bihar's common citizens. It took part in a road safety campaign and trained over 240 persons from Bihar. The Trauma & Emergency Department also offers a QMRT course.


The Faculty of the Trauma and Emergency Department participated in the education of Senior Residents, Junior Residents, M.B.B.S. and B.Sc. Nursing Students in their respective fields of specialisation and Trauma and Emergency.

Lectures Delivered by :
Dr. Anil Kumar
Dr. K.K. Sharma
Dr. Anurag Kumar
Dr. Arun Prasad

  1. Red Zone
  2. Yellow Zone
  3. Green Zone
  4. T3 and T4 Ward
  5. Trauma ICUs
  6. Modular Operation Theatres