The Department of Neonatology provides comprehensive medical services to neonates up to 28 days of life. The department is committed to provide quality services of the highest order to the most vulnerable category of patients. The Department of Neonatology’s work encompasses training and education, tool development research, advocacy, policy development, and dissemination. Integrated Management of Neonatal and Childhood Illness, Neonatal Resuscitation Program, Newborn Nursing, Kangaroo Mother Care, Neonatal–Perinatal Database and Networking, Essential Care for Every Newborn of the Global Alliance, home and community-based newborn care, maternal newborn and child health (MNCH) technologies, and newborn health programming are among the areas of special focus.

Level III NICU- 6 bedded on 1st floor of IPD building

30 bedded Post natal care ward (PNC) - Healthy neonates are kept with mother after delivery for routine care

  1. Neonatal ICU: : We have a Level III neonatal intensive care unit capable of providing comprehensive neonatal intensive care including non-invasive, conventional invasive ventilation, High frequency ventilation and incubators.
    PeriodTotal NICU admission
    April 2019-March 2020285
    April 2020-March 2021138
    April 2021-March 2022296
    April 2022-March 2023 (till 28th March)317
  2. PNC Services: A total of 995 babies were given new born care along the mother's side in the Postnatal ward (PNC), of which, 243 babies were delivered via LSCS and 88 vaginally during April 2021 to March 2022.
  3. Attending Deliveries:All deliveries are attended by Paediatricians/Neonatologists trained in neonatal resuscitation and appropriate level of care is provided to babies after birth.
  4. Neonatal Screening: Neonatal thyroid screening was initiated in 2018-2019 for all newborns delivered at AIIMS Patna. With the assistance of the Biochemistry department, the newborn screening services were expanded from thyroid screening to the screening of seven other inborn errors of metabolism. ROP screening and Hearing screening are being done in collaboration with ophthalmology and ENT departments respectively.
  5. Neonatal Follow-Up Clinic:High Risk Neonatal follow-up clinic was started on March 2022. The clinic is run on Saturday for high-risk neonates discharged from the NICU.

Teaching & training :

  1. Undergraduate teaching and training of MBBS students.
  2. Post-graduate teaching and training of Pediatrics residents.
  3. Nursing education

SL No.Name of FacultyDesignation

Wednesday- Dr. Rameshwar Prasad / Dr. Sourabh Kumar
Saturday- Dr. Bhabesh Kant Chawdhary / Dr. Richie Dalai / Dr. Keshav Kumar Pathak

"Well baby clinic" and "high risk follow up clinic" are being run on Wednesday and Saturday. Healthy babies are followed up after discharge in the well baby clinic for routine check-up. The babies at risk for neurodevelopmental delay are being followed up till 2 years of age and comprehensive inter-disciplinary services are being provided.

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World Breastfeeding week (1 August to 7 August every year)

National Newborn Week (15-to-21-november)

Our NICU received 1st Prize for the Best Performance in Hand Hygiene by HICC for Sept 2022 to Nov 2022.

Our NICU received 1st Prize for the Best Performance in Hand Hygiene by HICC for Sept 2022 to Nov 2022.