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Forensic medicine and Toxicology is the branch of medicine that applies medical knowledge for the administration of justice. Injustice causes significant mental, social, spiritual, and physical trauma, and this branch works to prevent and heal that trauma. As a result, it is also involved in treatment by facilitating the administration of justice.

The department of FMT at AIIMS Patna has been in operation since 2013, the department's first faculty member, Dr Binay Kumar, joined as an Assistant Professor. Under his guidance and leadership, the department has been progressing on the path of development. Following that, Dr. Amit Patil, who possesses an enthusiastic, energetic, and dynamic personality, joined as an Additional Professor and took over from Dr. Binay Kumar, to become the department's next head.

Professor Dr. Manoj Kumar has recently joined the department as a Professor and he later assumed the position of Head of the department. Under his composed and calm leadership, the department is progressing and benefiting from his vast knowledge.

MBBS teaching, as well as training for SR, JR and tutors, has taken place and continues in the department. The MD (FMT) course began in the department in January 2019, with two Junior Residents (Academic) joining in January 2019, one in July 2019, one in January 2020, one in July 2020, and two more Junior Residents (Academic) joining in January 2021. The department's clinical forensic medicine services began on January 2, 2020, and the department has been provided with the responsibility of legal issues associated with people visiting AIIMS Patna for diagnosis, management, and treatment.

The department was granted permission to begin post-mortem examination services in 2020, and 10 (ten) police stations in the Patna district were designated as its jurisdiction. The department’s services for post mortem examination services were inaugurated on January 8, 2021, and it has been providing uninterrupted service since January 10, 2021.

A separate histopathology laboratory for forensic investigations, is currently being implemented. The department envisages to become a cutting-edge forensic medicine department, and that AIIMS Patna should be regarded as a model for other national and international institutions.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak and the crisis that ensued, the institute administration delegated to the department the responsibility of managing each and every death case that occurred as a result of COVID-19 at AIIMS Patna, as well as the after-death management of the deceased bodies in a dignified manner. Since March 24, 2020, the department has been managing the situation effectively. The department has also developed Standard Operating Procedures for the dignified management of dead bodies from both suspected and confirmed COVID-19 cases. We are also dealing with Humanitarian Forensics in this manner.

A chamber for the HOD, two Faculty rooms, six SR/JR/Intern room blocks and one library room with a seminar room are part of the department's infrastructure. There is also one Demonstration room, one Medico-legal examination room, one Office room, one Storeroom with a Records room, six Laboratories and a mortuary block.

The department is involved in a variety of activities, including teaching, training, and research. The department's faculty members contribute significantly as members of various Institute Committees, Administrative and Academic bodies. The department provides clinical forensic medicine services, post-mortem examinations, and dignified management of COVID-19 dead bodies. Aside from these activities, the department offers valuable advice on medico-legal issues referred to it by the medical board, various investigating authorities, the Human Rights Commission, and the Honourable Courts.

  • Workshops and Training
  • Students of MBBS are taught and trained
  • Non-academic training of Junior Residents
  • Teaching and training of junior residents who have completed their Post-graduate studies.
  • Lecture series on medico-legal cases for Faculty and Senior Residents of the institute.
  • Employees of the institute, as well as those of other institutes, are trained in the dignified handling of COVID-19 deceased bodies.
  • Medico-legal consultation to the institute's clinicians/physicians.

SL No.Name of FacultyDesignation
1.Dr. Amit PatilAdditional Professor & Head
2.Dr. Manoj Kumar PathakProfessor
3.Dr. Binay KumarAdditional Professor
4.Dr. Ashok Kumar RastogiAssistant Professor