Department of ENT has firmly established itself as a tertiary care centre in this region of our country. It makes every effort to provide the best and most advanced clinical services to the last man in line. It is our constant goal to keep ourselves up to date, in this pursuit, we continue to push our boundaries and try to take on a variety of difficult cases. Active research is an essential component of our department. The department hopes to establish all of the sub-specialties of ENT surgery at AIIMS Patna centre so that we can be a centre of excellence not only in our country but also on an international scale.

The department operates a daily OPD, an IPD, and a 24-hour emergency service. Neurotology and Implant clinic, Otology and Vertigo clinic, Rhinology and Voice clinic, and Head and Neck Cancer clinics are available four days a week. It provides routine otology, rhinology, and head and neck services as well as advanced ENT services such as endoscopic skull base procedures, head and neck cancer surgeries with free flap reconstructions, Neuro skull base procedures, LASER surgeries, and so on.

ENT is one of the busiest departments at AIIMS Patna, with a high patient volume. We routinely treat referred patients not only from Bihar, but also from neighbouring states such as Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, and West Bengal. We also take care of patients from Nepal. Because of our specialised services and advanced equipment, we are quickly becoming the first choice for patients seeking all types of ENT services in this part of the country.

The department is proud to be one of the few that has all of the advanced equipment used in ENT. We are constantly updating our equipment in order to provide our customers with up-to-the-mark services. It is a well-established Cochlear Implant centre, having begun doing so in 2014, when AIIMS Patna was still in its early stages of development. It has the credit of having completed approximately 170 implants and are accredited by the CM relief fund, ADIP scheme, RBSK schemes, and other organisations. The department also provides AVT services, which have just begun, and with the NBS (New Born Hearing Screening Centre) established at the facility, the department is now able to diagnose hearing loss shortly after birth. These patients benefit from early rehabilitation, which we provide on a regular basis.

In the coming years, the department looks forward to establish all super-specialties of otorhinolaryngology. It also envisages to establish a Neurotology and Skull Base Unit, a Rhinology Unit, a Head and Neck Cancer Surgery Unit, a Phonology Unit, and a Vestibular Unit.

Postgraduate students are enrolled in the department, and currently there are five (5) students. The department has also started PDCC (Post-Doctoral Certificate Course) in Neurotology and Skull Base Surgery with capacity of 1 seat and going to increases to 2 seats from next Year. The ENT department is very active in the field of research and education, and many of its research papers have not only been published, but have also been awarded at various national and international forums. The Consultants, Senior Residents, and Junior Residents have received national and international awards and accolades.

The department provides 'Modular integrated OT' six days a week, using equipment such as two microscopes, three nasal endoscopic systems (one of which is a 4K system), a Karl Storz drill and debridor system, a Medtrionic drill and debridor system, a Medtrionic Navigation S7, a Lumines Acupulse CO2 LASER, a Medicon Saw and drill system, a Coblation system, an optical bronchopscopy (for routine and advance ENT surgeries). These advanced instruments aid in the performance of the following Specialized Surgeries: Ear, Nose, Larynx, Head and Neck, and Neuro-Skull base procedures. Recently, OLYMPUS Narrow Band Imaging unit has been installed in ENT OPD for Better diagnosis and plan of treatment for Laryngeal Pathology.

Ear: All routine ear surgeries, including ossicular prosthesis, LASER stapedotomy, cochlear implants, surgery for external canal atresias, advanced lateral skull base procedures, and so on.

Nose: All routine open and endoscopic nasal surgeries, endoscopic removal of angiofibromas, nose and PNS cancer surgeries with reconstruction, rhinoplasty, and other procedures.

Larynx- Micro laryngeal surgery with LASER and/or cold steel, laryngeal framework surgeries, surgery for laryngeal trauma, foreign bodies in the airway and food pipe, phono surgery, and other procedures are available.

Head and Neck- All routine head and neck surgeries, benign and malignant thyroid surgeries, salivary gland surgeries, head and neck cancer surgeries of the buccal mucosa, salivary glands, nose, and PNS, total laryngectomies, and so on. For example, we routinely collaborate with plastic surgery for free flap reconstructions of defects caused by head and neck surgery.

Neuro- Skull Base procedures- Endoscopic pituitary surgery, craniofacial resections, endoscopic surgery for craniopharyngiomas and other skull base lesions, lateral skull base procedures such as translabyrinthine acoustic neuroma removal, glomus paraganglioma surgery, and so on.

1) Clinical:
The Department operates a daily OPD and an IPD six days a week. OPD has state-of-the-art facilities for all endoscopic, diagnostic, and therapeutic procedures, and IPD has 30 beds and is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with three ATMOS workstations in three diagnostic/procedure rooms. Monday through Friday, the department holds special clinics that follow the following schedule:

  1. Monday- Implant Clinic (Cochlear Implant clinic)
  2. Wednesday- Otology and Vertigo Clinic
  3. Thursday- Rhinology and Voice Clinic
  4. Friday- Head and Neck Clinic

Furthermore, the department maintains a fully soundproof audiology department with the most up-to-date audiology and speech therapy equipment. Under the auspices of AISH Mysore, the department also operates a New-born Hearing Screening Centre, a Vestibular lab outfitted with a VNG machine and all its accessories, a Minor OT, and a Modular OT that operates six days a week.

2) Community services/Outreach programs: Actively participating in various camps organized by the institute. Actively involved in telemedicine and outreach programs of the institute.

3) Teaching & Training:

  • Teaching Undergraduate and Nursing.
  • Postgraduate courses- Previously, there was 2 PGs seat per year which now increases to 5 PGs seat in a year. Currently 5 Postgraduates have joined the department and upgrading their skills.
  • Have put a proposal for Neurotology and Skull base PDCC course and the BASLP (Bachelors in speech and language pathology.
  • Routinely training Senior Residents.
  • Well established Temporal Bone Dissection Lab with 5 fully equipped work Station with audio visual display in collaboration with Department of Anatomy.

Specialized services:
    - Audiology and Speech Services
    - All ENT OPD services along with Minor OT services (Oto endoscopy, Nasal endoscopy, laryngoscopy)
    - Stroboscopy / Voice evaluation (Speech program based)
Special /Advanced surgeries:
Neurotology and Skull Base Procedures (Both Otology and Rhinology)
  1. Endoscopic pituitary
  2. Surgery for paragangliomatympanicum and jugulare
  3. Acoustic Neuroma (Translabyrinthine )
  4. Craniofacial resection
  5. Endoscopic CSF Leak repairs
  6. Cochlear Implant
  7. Endoscopic Angiofibroma removal post embolization
  8. LASER stapedotomy
  9. Facial Nerve decompression
  10. Image-guided endoscopic surgery
  11. Surgery for external canal atresia
  12. Endoscopic DCR
Head and Neck
  1. Head and Neck cancer surgery for malignancy
  2. Free fibula graft for head and neck reconstruction
  3. LASER Phonosurgery
  4. Laryngotracheal reconstruction
  5. Parotid Surgeries (Microscopic dissection)
  6. Fiber Optic / optical bronchoscopy + Esophagoscopy

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The Department operates a daily OPD and an IPD six days a week; Monday through Friday.

The Department provides specialised services such as 'All Video Endoscopic Examinations' and minor Ear, Nose, and Throat interventions. The department has both rigid and flexible scopes for this procedure (3 ATMOS workstations). Furthermore, the Department operates a state-of-the-art vestibular lab with the most up-to-date VNG equipment, routine to highly specialised audio vestibular examinations (all PTA, Impedance, Speech Audiometry, Otoacoustic Emissions (OAE), ABR/BERA), AVT (Auditory Verbal Therapy) for Cochlear implantees, and "Doctor" Speech Software for voice evaluation. This department has a newborn hearing screening centre where all newborn babies born at AIIMS Patna and those referred from the Paediatrics Department are screened for hearing loss using a bedside OAE and ABR. Children admitted to the NICU are also routinely screened.

1. Ongoing (Few notable ones):

  • Funded – Extramural- Co PI- NIDHI Business Incubator (i-TBI) at AIIMS Patna– DST project (Approx. 5 Cr)
  • Funded – Extramural- Co Pi- Congenital Rubella Syndrome Surveillance in India. ICMR New Delhi- Approx 6,50,000
  • Funded – Intramural project-: Clinical and Genetic evaluation of Hereditary Non-Syndromic cases of Hearing loss with special reference of Connexin 26 gene mutation in Bihar.
  • Radiological Otoplan based study of cochlear electrode position in round window and cochleostomy routes in transcanal veria technique
  • Role of local anesthetic in irrigation fluid of cochlear implant surgery in relieving post-operative pain
  • Role of Glass ionomer cement in ossiculoplasty
  • Comparison of CO2 Laser vs Cold instrument microlaryngeal surgery.
  • A Prospective study of sleep pattern in children with chronic Adenotonsillitis and its Post-Operative Evaluation.

2. Completed:
  • Earth quake induced dizziness : An institutional study (completed)
  • Smart Otoscopy : A paradigm shift in undergraduate ENT education
  • An evaluation of Music Perception and appreciation in pediatric Cochlear Implantees, optimizing it further for maximal music enjoyment: A pilot study in Indian Scenario” (ICMR STS Awarded research project)
  • A comparative study of the results of tympanoplasty with and without gel foam
  • Role of color Doppler ultrasonography in evaluation of cervical vertigo
  • Radiological Otoplan based study of cochlear electrode position in round window and cochleostomy routes in transcanal veria technique

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1.Establishment of Temporal bone Dissection certificate course and planning to provide the Hands on course twice a year.
2.Skull Base Surgical Conference at the end of Year 2023.