The Department of Dentistry is a recent addition to AIIMS Patna; it progressed further in fiscal years 2020-2021, expanding in terms of facilities, dentistry education, and research. The approval of establishing four independent dental operators, and acceptance of the concept of ‘one OT day per week and 12 dedicated inpatient beds’ by the eminent Director of Institute, enabled the department to treat and perform tertiary level oral and maxillofacial procedures.

Academically, the Department continues its research efforts and has acquired ethical permission for new oral and maxillofacial surgery research initiatives.

  • Dental Chair: The Department has one Dental chair and its accessories.
  • IPD: 12 Beds

The Department provides specialized care to its patients in 4 clinical departments of dentistry:

  1. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery:
    • Minor surgical procedures: Exodontia
    • Excisional and incisional biopsies
    • Pre-prosthetic surgeries
    • Treatment of Alveolar Osteitis
    • Treatment of Disorders of Maxillary Sinus
    • Treatment of TMJ Disorders
    • Treatment of Orofacial Pain Disorders
    • Management of Vascular Anamolies of Orofacial region
    • Management of Pre-cancerous lesions and conditions
  2. Major surgical procedures:
    • Management of Maxillofacial Trauma
    • Management of Maxillofacial Odontogenic Pathologies
    • Correction of Facial deformities
    • Management of congenital deformities involving orofacial region
    • Aesthetic Procedures of Face
    • Surgical management of TMJ Disorders
  3. Prosthodontics & Orthodontics:
    • Fabrication of Removable Prosthesis
    • Correction of malaligned teeth
  4. Oral Medicine and Radiology:
    • Management of precancerous lesions and diseases (leukoplakia, erythroplakia, etc) (lichen planus, oral submucous fibrosis etc.) Orofacial Pain Disorders Treatment (Burning mouth syndrome, Trigeminal Neuralgia, Atypical facial pain).
Public Health Services

The department has hosted three free dental camps at Rajkiya Primary School in Danapur (9. 3.21, 10.3.21 & 15.3.21). It regularly organizes oral health education programmes for children enrolled in government schools. The department is conducting oral health education initiatives for Asha workers at the Khagaul Primary Health Care Center. It is also maintaining a regular dental OPD at PHC, Khagaul, from Monday to Friday and performing tooth extractions, oral prophylaxis, and other dental procedures.

Teaching & Training:

The Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery is currently offering an M.D.S. course in the field of oral and maxillofacial surgery, ensuring optimal preparation for the postgraduate course. The Department hosts frequent seminars, journal clubs, and resident-led case presentations. The Department offers regular classes to undergrad (M.B.B.S.) students and administers end-of-the-year examinations.

S.No.Name of FacultyDesignation
1.Dr. Laxman Polsani RaoProfessor & Head
2.Dr. Naqoosh HaidryAssistant Professor

  • OPD: Monday to Friday (05 days)
  • OT: 01 Day per week (Monday of every week)